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Bootstrap princess seams dress

Bootstrap princess seams dress

This is a fairly simple princess seam dress, from Bootstrap Patterns. It’s made up of 3 full length front panels and 4 back panels, rather than a separate bodice and skirt, and although there are the curved seams to navigate I think the construction is fairly quick and easy.

...Or it would have been, if I hadn’t gone for a swan print fabric. I wish I could say I had already cut the pieces out when I realised pattern-matching on a curved seam right at the front of the dress would be an absolute nightmare - then I would have had some excuse for forging ahead and making the best of it - but of course it was extremely obvious the minute I laid the pattern pieces down on the fabric.

The sensible thing to do then would have been to accept that the fabric and pattern were ill-suited and waited until I had some solid colour fabric, or perhaps a smaller print, but I was all ready to sew and didn’t feel like not sewing, which probably causes at least 30% of my errors.

I did make an attempt at pattern-matching the princess seams, but it wasn’t wildly successful. I think the overall effect is OK though - the worst bits are less obvious as my arms are often in front of the side panels. Also the back zip (a nice straight line) is pretty good, chopping a swan in half most of the way down.

Otherwise, this fit very nicely, especially round my waist and hips. I did hem it just a little too short. It looked fine when I pinned it, and I was going for a short-ish mid thigh length, but of course it was only after I’d cut and sewn the hem I found out that this happened when I lifted my arms up-->

Which is just a little bit too mini for my tastes. I think this effect might be exacerbated by it not being a separate skirt piece? Anyway, I’ll add an inch or two next time.

I am looking forward to making this again in a nice soothing solid colour.


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