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Sew Over It Shirt Dress

Sew Over It Shirt Dress

This dress seems like a good one to kick the blog off with as I think this is probably my favourite thing I’ve made so far. I think I made it about 6 or 8 months ago? I feel like a real knockout in it.

The pattern is the Sew Over It Vintage Shirt Dress, which is listed as an intermediate level of difficulty.

The fabric is a bright orange poly something from Fabric Land. Shamingly I cannot remember what it was actually called but it has a shine to it and a nice swing. It was fairly inexpensive and pretty easy to work with - not slippery. I really should have written down what the fabric was but I expect I was blinded by the bright orange, a colour I cannot resist.

I made a toile of the bodice first and it seemed to fit pretty well so I went ahead and made the whole thing, size 14, with no pattern alterations. Now that I’ve worn it, I think the next time I make one I’ll add a little more room in the back and upper arm - it does fit me but I’d like to be able to wave my arms about a bit more.

This was my first Sew Over It pattern and I am definitely intending to get some more - very clear illustrated instructions.

I think what really makes this dress is the whole collar area - the notched flat collar, the gathered shoulders and the slightly puffy sleeves are lovely details which all make it a bit more interesting than a standard shirt dress.

The only thing I didn’t really like was the sleeve length - I gave them a go but I’m never that keen on three quarter length. I’ve been wearing it pushed up to the elbows which I prefer - I feel like it looks more like a shirt that way?

I also added a waist tie (a separate one rather than attached) as I wanted the option of a bit more waist definition. I wouldn’t say it was too big around the waist, it’s just not that close-fitted on me. I’ve worn it with and without the tie and think it looks good either way.

I think the fabric I chose makes this dress more of an evening outfit so I am absolutely going to make more of these for day wear. At the moment I’m envisioning a short sleeved cotton one in some sort of summery shade - perhaps with a short cuffed sleeve rather than the sleeveless option included in the pattern. I quite fancy a yellow gingham - too summer school uniform?

I’d also like to lengthen the sleeves to wrist length for an autumn day dress - possibly in a burgundy crepe.

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