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Bumblebee top

Bumblebee top

This fabric is so beautiful. I got it from Ditto in Brighton and it is incredibly soft and floaty. It’s cotton lawn - I am still getting to grips with the various sub-types of cotton but as far as I can tell lawn is slightly lighter and drapier than other cottons.

I am very taken by the muted colour palette - soft subtle greeny grays that I think are well-suited to the watercolour style of the bee image. I think prints often tend to be either monochrome or fairly bright colours so this immediately caught my eye as being a bit different.

Even though fun prints always catch my eye in fabric shops, I mostly end up buying solid colours for things I make. I think it’s because I find it easier to visualise what the final item would look like in one colour, and I usually go out looking for a fabric to use for a particular pattern.

This was the other way around in that I loved the fabric and bought it without any idea what I would make with it. I ended up doing this fairly plain top. My thinking at the time was to do a very simple garment to showcase the print, but now am wondering if something a bit bigger or more elaborate like a full skirt or a long-sleeved shirt might have had more of an impact. You may see some more bumblebee items in future!

I trimmed the sleeves and neckline with some lovely dark green ribbon I got from the Vintage Workshop in Kemptown, which has lots of second-hand bits of trimmings to rummage through. I was very tempted by the idea of a flash of rich colour against the soft tones of the main fabric. Some cursory Googling did hint that ribbon is not very well suited to this sort of thing as it's very slippery and frays a lot, but I was filled with creative fervor and did it anyway.

But, while it was not hard to sew on and looked fine on its first outing, now the top has been through the wash once I sense the ribbon will not be long for this world. I will, alas, probably end up replacing it with something more sensible.

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