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Seamwork  / Colette Catarina Dress

Seamwork / Colette Catarina Dress

This was going to be a red dress but there wasn’t enough left on the roll in the shop, so I made a ~wild~ decision and went for hot pink. It’s a poly crepe de chine that’s lovely and floaty. I was a little worried about cutting, as the last time I tried cutting such a delicate fabric it was a bit of a disaster. This fabric is not as slippery as the one I came to grief on, but I wanted to take precautions anyway - I used some spray starch before I cut and it definitely helped. It washed out fine.

The pattern is Seamwork / Colette’s Catarina Dress. I am a big fan of Colette’s Negroni pattern, the men’s shirt, but the only women's pattern of theirs I’ve tried before was the Sencha Blouse. I loved the sample photos but that blouse did not look good on me - regarding fit alterations, I think I concluded I needed to make the sleeves wider, do a small bust adjustment, take a wedge out of the neckline and make the waistline higher but the actual length of the top longer. Reader, I could not be bothered.

I’ve since read somewhere - although I can't remember the source now - that Colette patterns are often drafted to a C cup fit model, which may be why I needed more alterations than I normally do.

So on to Catarina! Seamwork (which is Colette Patterns’ online magazine) says that all their patterns are designed to be sewn up in 2 hours. I took much longer but I have always assumed I’m a slow sewer - guess I’m right!

I really like the bodice of this dress. It has a full lining so the neckline looks really clean and it’s neat on the inside, and I love the delicate straps and where the front and back necklines fall. I might even lengthen it and sew it up as a camisole top at some point. This is the size 12 - it is the correct size on my actual bustline but I had to take it in a little just under my arms.

It's the first time I've used bra strap rings & sliders and it was pretty simple! Although, if I make this again I think I would probably just skip them and cut the strap to the length I like.

I am not entirely in love with the skirt, however, although I don't think it looks bad. I feel like my gathers don't look as lovely as the ones in the sample picture - they are perhaps a bit sparse? I'm wondering if even though the waist fits, if I went up a size on the skirt there'd be more material being drawn in to create a stronger effect.

However, I did do my first rolled hem on this skirt. I don’t have a rolled hem foot and definitely didn’t fancy doing it by hand so I tried the second method from this tutorial, which was much easier that I thought it would be. I really like the final result and it may become my new standard hem for skirts.

Bumblebee top

Bumblebee top

Bootstrap princess seams dress

Bootstrap princess seams dress